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Solid Symposium 2023

Session: Personal Knowledge Graphs

Thursday, March 30, 2023 (tbd)

How personal knowledge graphs could revolutionize our lives

Imagine all the information relevant to our lives available on a fingertip. Not data splattered among apps, siloed into proprietary interfaces, but knowledge serving us in our daily tasks and challenges. In this session we are exploring how a digital future using personal knowledge graphs to our benefit could look like.

Starting with a quite technical introduction on how we see Solid as it is today, we will then build on that foundation to talk about what Solid can do for you. We will show how we use Solid and SolidOS already today to organize the things relevant to our life and work. What is possible today? What pieces are still missing to revolutionize our lives? What may the future of Solid-based solutions hold for you? We are curious about the experiences and expectations of the session participants and look forward to a interesting discussion session.

Detailed program

A Vision for personal knowledge graphs

Angelo Veltens

In our daily lives, we often turn to apps to get information and connect with others to gather knowledge. But this process can be unnecessarily complicated because our data is stuck in different apps, making it hard to share or combine with each other. In this talk, we'll explore the idea of personal knowledge graphs as a way to solve this problem. They allow us to easily access and combine information from various sources, making it easier to acquire knowledge.

I will provide some real life examples of how personal knowledge graphs could be used, such as:

By comparing these examples to how these tasks are currently done, we can envision the benefits and potential of personal knowledge graphs in our daily lives.

An oversimplified introduction to Solid Pods

Christoph Braun

For those developing Solid Pods it may be very clear what a Pod is and what components it is comprised of. But to those just starting out with the technicalities of Solid, the concept of a Pod may be confusing and existing codebases seem huge and hard to understand. In a nutshell - it is quite simple ...

This talk aims to provide a technical foundation for discussion of the current state of Solid, what it may become and what may be build on-top of Solid.

An insider's view on SolidOS

Angelo Veltens

In this talk, I will show you how I use Solid Pods and SolidOS to manage and organize my life. Solid allows me to store all my personal data and use it to create a knowledge graph that helps me in various ways. I will demonstrate how I

We will examine the creation and utilization of a knowledge graph using the data stored in a Solid Pod, as well as the integration of linked data with traditional documents such as PDFs.

By the end of the talk, you'll have a good understanding of the power of Solid Pods and SolidOS for personal organization and knowledge management.

A roadshow of what Solid makes possible

Christoph Braun

Not everything people may want should be part of the Solid protocol. Rather, Solid provides the infrastructure for really cool stuff we can already build today on-top of Solid. What exciting possibilities may Solid enable in the future?

In this talk, Christoph will share some demos his students and himself have build with Solid.

Open discussion

You, the other participants, Angelo and Christoph

We are curious: What are your thoughts on personal knowledge graphs and Solid? What do you think is missing? What do you not want to see or happen? What are you looking forward to?